Process and Payment


  1. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs and current status.
  2. Email your document to me for a free estimate. Please note that you have no obligation to proceed with the project.
  3. Via email, I will advise you of the price, confirm return date, and send an invoice. I use PayPal to accept payments and information will be on the invoice.
  4. I will begin work when payment is received.
  5. If necessary, send me a copy of your publisher’s or university’s style manual.
  6. I usually work with Microsoft Word documents using track changes and comment tools. I can also edit PDF and PowerPoint files.
  7. On the return date, upon receipt of any balance due, you will receive the original document, a redline/markup, and a clean version showing my comments. Delete the comments after reading them, and that will leave you with the final, edited version of the document. In the case of research projects, you will receive copies of all articles with annotations; tables, charts, and figures; written report (if necessary), and digital audio interview files.
  8. You are the writer and can accept or reject any changes or suggestions. You hold the keys to your success.
  9. There are no refunds for any services rendered.



Return Date        Fee

2 weeks                $65/hour

7 day                    $75/hour

5 days                  $85/hour

3 days*              $100/hour

*Depends on my availability and the size of the document.


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Fees for Other Services

Research                                          $75/hour

Formatting                                       $50/hour