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“Caryn McLaine is intelligent, articulate, focused and trustworthy. She is also down-to-earth eloquent – just the person you want undergirding your work.” 

~ Judy Schavrien, Ph.D.

Former Portal Content Manager

Charles Schwab & Co.


“I worked with Caryn McLaine for 10 years. Her work was outstanding in particular, her technological and writing skills were tremendous. Many times she assisted me in improving my written work product as well as organizationally keeping my practice in proper order. Cary was seemingly always two steps ahead of me.”

~ Gary L. Lieber, Attorney



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“I highly recommend Caryn. She is thorough, skilled, and a joy to work with. I was blessed to have her help me prepare a manuscript for publication.”

~ Adam Luedtke, Ph.D. Professor, Transformational Coach, Administrator of Transformative Life Contemplative Center


“Caryn has consistently demonstrated integrity and passion for her work. Her competence in writing and scholarship has impressed me and her people skills make her an ideal mentor.”

~ John Elfers, Ph.D.

Associate Faculty, Sofia University



Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

” I have known Caryn McLaine for almost a decade, and have witnessed first-hand her dedication to scholarship, writing, and artistic expressions. As a researcher, she has the skills to dive deep, understand broadly, and analyze critically. These research skills are paired with the ability to communicate clearly, share her integral understanding of connected topics, and engage in creative applications related to the topic.”

~ Ryan Rominger, Ph.D. LCPC-PIT, ACSGC Associate Chair for the Center of Leadership Studies and Educational Research

“Writers use everything. We can’t help it. Whatever touches us touches our writing.” 

~ Octavia Butler